Eclipse Horseshoes

Northeast Farrier Supply is proud to carry the innovative new Eclipse horseshoes that can either be glued or nailed on. Series I is a heart bar while Series II is the traditional open shoe. Though you may not have heard of them before, we're confident they'll be a regular name in the horseshoe world in the not-too-distant future. What's so special about these shoes? Read on and find out as we discuss first the features to benefit the horse and then the features included to make application easier.


As a veterinarian and Cornell University trained farrier, Dr. Ramanathan was able to draw upon significant professional knowledge and understanding of the horse when creating these shoes. The Eclipse horseshoes are made from a patented polymer with an interior steel support. The special polymer is formulated to mimic the barefoot hoof's physiology while still providing support and protection. Eclipse shoes absorb shock during the impact phase of the stride, reducing the strain on the horse's body. Biomechanically conscious features include built-in breakover on the front shoes and a wide web design. Built-in breakover on the front shoe decreases strain on joints, tendons, and ligaments of the leg. The wide web design is deep seated to relieve sole pressure while maximizing the weightbearing surface and adding minimal weight due to the lightweight nature of the patented polymer. Built-in tread on the bottom of the shoe provides the prefect amount of traction on many different surfaces, making it suitable for many disciplines. 

Eclipse shoes also have several features to make application easier for the farrier. These shoes are easily cold shaped and maintain their new shape. Heels can easily be checked with a rasp, no need to fire up the grinder. The plastic tabs can easily be removed with your nippers so you can customize the clip placement on each shoe to your needs. Nail holes are pitched to be parallel to the horse's hoof wall to make nailing a breeze. One of the most interesting advantages of the Eclipse shoe is the option to use a combination of glue and nails to apply the shoe. If a horse has one hoof that needs a glue-on shoe but you'd prefer to nail on shoes if possible, the Eclipse shoe makes it possible to glue the shoe onto one hoof and save time by nailing the other shoe on as usual. If a horse pulls a shoe that was glued on and there isn't time to glue it back on, the shoe can be tapped back on with a few nails. If a horse required extra support or protection, pads can easily be riveted to the shoe before application.

Packed with so many great features for both horse and farrier and economically priced, Eclipse horseshoes are sure to become a staple in farriers' rigs everywhere.  

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To see how Mike Wildenstein applies Eclipse horseshoes visit our YouTube Channel here.

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