Frequently Asked Questions

What size Cavallo boot will fit my horse?

When it comes to fitting your horse to a Cavallo Boot, there are certain actions you should take beforehand. It is important to make sure you are taking measurements of your horse’s hoof after they have been freshly trimmed as future growth is already factored into each size range.

It is also important to make sure you have brushed your horse's hoof clean so you can clearly see the entire foot, and so that the buttress lines are visible.

Use a good quality measuring device with clear, contrasting numbers so that it will show up in photos and be easy to read. Cavallo recommends using a ruler or tape measure with smaller increments such as 1/16 of an inch, or a millimeter if possible.

It is crucial that you place the “0” of your measuring device securely against the tip of your horse’s toe, and then run the measuring device straight down the center of the hoof to the heel. Measure where the hard points (the buttress) of your horse’s heel emerge. Do NOT include the heel bulbs. Do NOT hold your measuring device at an angle.

To record the weight-bearing length, you will need to measure the WIDTH of your horse’s hoof. This will help indicate the size necessary for your horses, and this will also help you determine the correct sole shape, either Regular or Slim. Take your measuring device and place the “0” at the edge of your horse’s hoof, run it straight across the widest point of the hoof keeping it level, and making sure it is snug against the hoof.

If your horse's hoof width measurement is greater than the hoof length measurement, choose a boot size in the Regular sole shape based on the width measurement.

Continue to follow these steps for each hoof to ensure you receive an accurate measurement. Take photos of each measurement with proper lighting and good angles, sending in your photos will help a Cavallo team member determine what size hoof boot your horse needs.

Can I reshape a Glue-U GLUSHU Shoe?

Yes, you can reshape a Glu-Shu however, if it breaks in the process, we are not responsible for replacing it.

Can we recommend a farrier in your area?

We cannot recommend a specific farrier in your area, we can advise you to visit, go to the resources drop-down bar, click on find a farrier, and enter your zip code and information to search farriers throughout your area.

Where can we ship to?

We can ship anywhere worldwide.