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Blacksmith Model H Competition Forge

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The Blacksmith Model H Competition Forge is an evolution of the Model H 2 Burner forge, specifically designed for use in competition. The forge quickly and easily reaches and maintains temperature with minimal gas pressure. 
The solid door helps with noise reduction for easier communication and environmental awareness. 
The 2 lateral windows, which are bigger than those on the Model H, are designed to make bar stock entry easier. One of the windows can be closed with the included cap. The window that stays open can be equipped with a removable bar stock rest that is included with the forge.

Max Temp: 2912°F

Weight: 83lb

Internal Dimensions:


Depth- 9.25"

Height- 3.93"

External Dimensions:

Width- 18.11"

Depth- 15.75"

Height- 14.96"