Choosing the Right Cavallo Boots

In our last blog, we discussed how to find the correct boot size for your horse, the next step is to decide on a boot style.
If you haven’t narrowed down your horse’s boot size, click here to learn how to measure your horse’s hooves. There are 5 styles of Cavallo boots available through Northeast Farrier Supply: BFB, CLB, Simple, Sport, and Trek. All Cavallo boots are designed with large heavy-duty velcro flaps as their main securing structure, combined with external closures that are unique to each boot style. Another feature shared by all Cavallo boots are drainage holes on either side where the hard sole meets the upper boot, allowing water to escape as needed. With the similarities taken care of, let’s move on to the differences. 

We’ll start with the BFB and CLB styles as they are the most straightforward options. BFB stands for Big Foot Boot and is designed for small drafts and draft crosses. If your horse requires a size 7-10, the BFB is the boot for him/her. On the other end of the spectrum, CLB stands for Cute Little Boot and is designed for minis and small ponies. If your horse measures in size M1-M4, the CLB is the boot for him/her. The upper material of both boots is a durable nylon and feature a single velcro strap across the front. Both boots also have leather inside and out around the heel bulb area for extra comfort and a custom fit.

With sizes M1-M4 and 7-10 taken care of, that leaves us with sizes 0-6, available in Simple, Sport, and Trek models. All 3 models within the “average horse” size range share the same internal dimensions (by size) and fit, the exterior is the only difference. We’ll break down the styles one by one.

The Simple boot features a soft and supple leather exterior with 2 velcro straps located over the lateral quarter of the hoof. The leather exterior of the Simple boot will allow it to mold perfectly around your horse’s hoof once broken in. Walking through a bit of water can help speed this process along as water softens leather further. The Simple boot is suitable for use on trails, in the arena, and during turnout. The leather exterior will not get waterlogged when crossing streams or splashing through puddles. The smooth leather exterior is not prone to grabbing and retaining burs, sticks, or prickers when traipsing through the woods. As with all leather, Simple boots will hold up best and last longer with consistent care and storage in a cool, dry environment.

3 image show the progression of the Cavallo Sport boot from open to half closed to fully closed and secured

The next boot model on our list is the Cavallo Sport boot. The Sport features a highly durable nylon exterior with a large velcro closure flap paired with a smaller elastic strap that connects to a solid tab, which hooks around a small metal post. Please see the picture above as this is a difficult closure to describe, though very easy to use. The heel bulb area, both interior and exterior, of the Sport boot is made of leather to provide extra comfort and a custom fit. The Sport boot is suitable for lighter riding, both in the arena and on the trails, making it a great “spare tire” to have on hand for any spontaneously lost shoes. Non-riding uses include protection for trailering and breeding, as well as providing extra comfort for horses suffering from chronic pain, hoof sensitivity, rehabilitation, abscesses, navicular disease, laminitis/founder, punctures, sole bruising, or contracted heels. While Sport boots have the same drainage holes as all Cavallo boots, the nylon material will hold some water, just like a nylon halter. Also like a nylon halter, these boots are incredibly durable and will hold up for years to come with minimal maintenance. 

Last but not least, we have the Trek boot. Cavallo describes the Trek as “the most flexible, durable, breathable and user-friendly” boot in their lineup. The unique honeycomb pattern of the boot’s exterior optimizes durability without adding excess bulk or weight. The lightweight durable design makes the Trek the best option for serious trail riding and active sport horses. Trek users are equally well-equipped for hitting their favorite trails as they are for dancing around a dressage court, tearing up a cross-country course, or turning and burning around barrels. Trek boots feature the same leather heel bulb design as the BFB, CLB, and Sport for extra comfort and a custom fit. If you have a horse who needs 2 different boot sizes for left and right hooves, the Trek has the added bonus of being sold individually instead of in pairs so you can buy 1 boot in each size.

We hope this helps you decide which boots are right for you and your horse. If you have any questions that remain unanswered, please feel free to call us toll-free at 866-333-6337 or click here to visit our contact page.

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