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Mustad E-Slim Copper Nails


The E-slim nail is manufactured with a longer thinner shank than the E-nail so that it can be driven simply, precisely and high into the hoof wall. The E-slim is ideal for horses with a thin hoof wall, such as many warmbloods, as it causes even less disruption to the hoof wall than the slightly thicker E-nails. All Mustad nails are highly polished allowing them to glide precisely through the hoof horn without deviation. 

For years Mustad has been producing copper coated nails for specific regions. That product range is now expanding further to cover all market needs.

The quality of the coating is above industry standards. As a result, these nails will reduce the oxidation in the nail holes. The surface is very clean and smooth, ensuring a better and more precise drive.

250 nails per box