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Michel Vaillant Suspensorix


Model designed by Professor Jean-Marie Denoix. Shoe with wide toe and narrow beveled branches. Designed using hi-tech aluminum alloy. Non-tempered alloy: can be used for risk-free hot shoeing up to 450°C (842°F). 3 clips to allow use with option of 1 or 2 clips. (Hinds only have 2 clips)

On compacted and penetrable grounds : Large anterior ground bearing surface surface to limit toe penetration. Narrow beveled branches to increase heel penetration. Enlarged surface in contact with foot at heels for greater comfort. Slightly beveled outer rim at toe to facilitate rolling.

Reduces stresses on the suspensory ligament and on the superficial digital flexor tendon. Reduces general stress on the suspensory apparatus (suspensory ligament, proximal scutum, straight and oblique sesamoidean ligaments).

Sold in pairs.