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Londonderry Forge Tool Maintenance Kit

SKU: LFcomplete kit

Londonderry Forge Tool Maintenance Kit  has everything you need to keep your tools in peak condition. This system can be used to sharpen, hone and polish almost all tools including knives, rasps, and shoe-making tools. The kit can also be used to polish out imperfections and extend the life of all your tools, saving you time and money. This grinder-based kit is easy to install so you can quickly be on your way to sharper tools, just replace the grinding wheels on your grinder for spiral tapers. 

Kit includes:

  • Grey Compound 
  • Green Compound 
  • White Compound 
  • Sateen A150 
  • Colored Cloth Mop 
  • 1/2" (1 section) Sisal Mop
  • Calico Mop 
  • Pre-Sateened Mop
  • Set of cones (Pink, Ruby and Honing)