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L Brand Premium Blacksmith Coke

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L Brand Premium Blacksmith Coke specially processed and sized for farrier and blacksmith use. L Brand coke ignites easily and is ready for forging in just 5 minutes. With less smoke and noxious fumes than coal, coke greatly reduces the health hazard to your lungs while you're forging. Pound for pound, L Brand delivers more BTUs than coal allowing users to use up to 50% less than coal based on weight. 
L Brand Coke leaves no soot in your shop, is easily arranged in the forge, and allows the fire to stay centered and compact.

Sold in 50 pound bags.

Sizing: 1/4 x 1 inch, max 5% plus 1 inch 12% minus 1/8 inch
Composition: Carbon 91%, Vol. 1%, Ash 8%, Sulfur 0.7%, Moisture 12% to 18 % mac.

  • Can be stored for years
  • Dust will not spontaneously combust, explode, or oxidize during storage
  • L Brand will not lose potency during storage

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John Clark

burns fine