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Glue-U GluShu Mini Shoe

SKU: Glushu75

Glue-U has developed a solution to help treat laminitic Shetland ponies and other small ponies, GluShu Mini.

GluShu uses a lightweight aluminum shoe molded with a flexible cuff and using the most advanced acrylic glue provides a completely nail free horse shoeing solution that will last 6-12 weeks when applied professionally to a well prepared dust free, clean hoof. These non-invasive, lightweight shoes have an inside cushion which take any shock absorption and eliminate stress or damage to the horses hoof.

SIZE WIDTH (mm) WIDTH (inch) HEEL-TOE (mm) HEEL-TOE (inch)
Mini 75 75 3 70 2. 3/4
Mini 85 85 3. 1/2 80 3. 1/4
Mini 95 95 3. 3/4 90 3. 1/2