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Michel Vaillant Asymetrix

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Model designed by Professor Jean-Marie Denoix. Shoe with branches of different widths: one wide branch with onion heel, one narrow beveled branch. Made from hi-tech aluminum alloy. Non-tempered alloy : can be used for risk-free hot shoeing up to 450°C (842°F). 3 clips to allow use with option of 1 or 2 clips. 

The wide branch with onion provides support by limiting sinking on compacted and penetrable grounds. The narrow beveled branch increases sinking on penetrable ground (enlarged surface under the heel on the foot side for more comfort ). Beveled outer rim at toe and toe quarter opposite to the lesion to increase rolling.

Depending on the application of the shoe (medial or lateral wide branch): re-balances the foot in case of lateral or medial overload. Re-balances the joints in case of deviation of the distal limb. Reduces tension on collateral ligaments.

Sold in pairs.